Anchor Machine is proud of its tradition of providing the best in close-tolerance machine parts. With over fifty years of experience in production machining and tool and die making as our foundation, our company continues to reach new levels of dedication in meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.


Anchor Machine, Inc. is a versatile, full-service machine shop located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania. We specialize in high-quality tooling, die making, and production machining at an affordable price. We’re located in a clean, well-organized plant and staffed with some of the most experienced people in the business. Our client base spans a number of industries, including Inspection, Stamping and Electronic Tube Divisions.

Your SOURCE for short-run precision CNC machining, EDM, die making, punch press, and conventionally machined components and assemblies!

We are dedicated to meeting all our customers’
needs and expectations!


Anchor Machine excels in the complete production of precision-machined parts and assemblies. The services we offer on-site include:

CNC Machining

Anchor Machine produces your parts to the highest quality with experienced machinists and state-of-the-art machining equipment.

Die Making
and Punch Press

Punch press services are ideal to punch clean holes through sheet metal. Our team ensures complex holes are created accurately and efficiently, resulting in the precise part you’re looking for.

Prototype Development

CNC prototype machining is an excellent choice for making small amounts of prototype parts in a relatively short time compared to other methods.


Short-run precision milling, tooling, turning, grinding, and EDM that cannot accommodate many variations in production factors. Best for low-volume manufacturing or prototypes.

Production Runs

Long-Run Production of precision milling, turning, and EDM that accommodates variations in all production factors. Best for high-volume manufacturing.

Emergency Repairs

Need a part repaired? Our highly trained machinists will get you back up and running quickly.


Proper tools are needed to manufacture parts quickly and ensure the highest quality standards. Anchor Machine is fully equipped to meet even the most challenging customer’s needs at our 25,000 sq. ft. facility. We continually upgrade our computers, machines and inspection equipment and maintain a diverse supply of raw materials on-site in our large stock room to accommodate the timely completion of any rush orders.


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